Only Latham Pool Products offers a solution to the visible floor seams that detract from the look of vinyl liners.

Our exclusive Ultra-Seam™ process makes floor seams stronger and virtually invisible, creating nothing short of an entirely new category of vinyl liner. You can rest assured that not only will your liner create a beautiful look for your backyard, but whatever pattern you choose will present a seamless appearance. No more visible floor seams detracting from the beauty of your pool!

More choices, more exclusives

Latham inground liners are available in 30 gauge and 40 gauge material. Through our family of brands, Latham offers over 30 different elegant and exciting liner designs, the majority of which are created by our team of designers and are exclusive to Latham.

Consumer Testimonials:

  • "We've been pool owners for over twenty years and we were amazed that we couldn't see the seams! Our grandchildren came over and actually thought we got a brand new pool. Even after walking out to the pool all summer I still can't get over the fact of how perfect the liner fits and flawless it looks. Why would anyone want to go back to the old way, it makes no sense."
    Gail Guertin, Pool Owner

  • "I've had a pool over 12 years. I've had other liners and you could always see the seams, especially when there was dirt in the pool. I'm so thrilled with the Ultra-Seam liner. We've had multiple people remark how awesome it looks. You can't see the seams at all, even when there's dirt in the pool. In fact, you don't see the dirt at all. It looks fantastic, especially at night when you put the lights on. I'm impressed!"
    Tim Moseman, Pool Owner

  • "Oh my gosh you can't even see the lines, how did they do that? It's amazing the difference. Our old liner had so many lines across the floor and now they are virtually invisible."
    Nan and Dick, Pool Owners